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ECP Teams Shine on MLK Weekend

By ECP Results Team (Emily McCann) , 01/21/20, 5:00PM EST


It was cold outside but ECP teams brought the heat to the MLK challenge!

ECP DC 15-Shock wins the 15 National silver division with 7-2 record for the weekend

ECP DC 12-Eagles finishes 3rd in Gold at MLK!

Congratulations to all the ECP teams who competed at the MLK Challenge! It was a great weekend of volleyball! Here are the top 10 ECP finshes in each division at the MLK Challenge Kickoff! 

12 National: 

2nd: ECP DE 12-Hen 
3rd: ECP DC 12-Eagle 
5th: ECP DE 12-Bluejay 
9th: ECP Bucks 12-Poppy 

13 American: 

7th: ECP KOP 13-Lightning 

13 National: 

9th: ECP KOP 13-Storm

14 American: 

9th: ECP KOP 13-Sky 
9th: ECP KOP 14-Splash 

14 National: 

1st: ECP KOP 14-Ocean 
2nd: ECP KOP 14-Wave 
5th: ECP SV 14-Coastal 
9th: ECP DC 14-Peake 

15 American: 

9th: ECP DC 15-Stealth 

15 National: 

1st: ECP LV 15-Mystic 
2nd: ECP KOP 15-True 

16 American:

5th: ECP Bucks 16-Cadet
5th: ECP KOP 16-Navy 
5th: ECP LV 16-Colonial 

16 National: 

2nd: ECP LV 16-Carolina 
3rd: ECP DE 16- Bluecoats 

17 American: 

3rd: ECP KOP 17-Iron

17 National: 

1st: ECP KOP 17-Steel 
2nd: ECP DE 17-Granite 
9th: ECP KOP 17-Cobalt 
9th: ECP LV 17-Titanium 

18 American:

10th: ECP KOP 18-Pearl

18 National: 

5th: ECP DC 18-Capital